About d’Excelle


d’Excelle ≥
Bart van Meulenbroek

Searching for the right data-requirements that match with a process and in the mean time improving that process, is something that I can truly enjoy.

Digging, puzzling, improving. And again!

I bring over 15 years of experience on the cutting edge of IT on one side and Logistics & Administration on the other, with a broad range of roles and assignments. As consultant, product manager, analist, designer, developer and inventor for retail, small businesses and production environments.

My power lies in:
≥ talking all languages: Of manager, user and programmer
≥ grasping extremely fast how a handling, activity or process is put together. Or should be put together.

Thanks to this power and experience I can analyse fast and precise how your job and company are built up, which support in the shape of data and/or administration match with it and how to best fit these all together.

I call this DataCreativity! Because finding the right solution isn’t a dry, abstract process but a matter of boundless thinking, creating and shaping.

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