MemorKeys App

In eigen beheer ontworpen en uitgebracht in 2016: de iOS App MemorKeys voor het eenvoudig opslaan en invoegen van veelgebruikte teksten.


MemorKeys is the very simple yet highly effective App for storing your most-used texts and inserting these with a single tap from your keyboard.

Most commonly used for storing e-mail address, post address details, bank accounts and names of co-workers, the idea is to avoid re-typing those words, details and phrases that you so often use. All of this in a couple of easy steps:


MemorKeys holds room for 30 texts, plus some extra features like placing brackets around your text with just a single tap. keyboardzoom

The MemorKeyboard holds 6 texts per page plus additional features and a shortcut to the maintenance screen. The 5 pages can also be used to categorize your texts.

Texts can also be added via the Share option

The App originated from me being fed up with having to type my email and address details and other stuff so many times in forms, emails etc.
Definitely not live-changing, but I’m hoping it will give you some efficiency in typing and a smile on your face every now and then….≤

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